Edge and Lines is an interior design studio focused on artfully crafting spaces to encourage human connection and experience. Our goal is to inspire you to stay in the now and take life in moment by moment. We love textures and colors found in nature. Our design aesthetic has a California casual feel, mid-century modern elements, and a bit of the unexpected. By studying your project and coming up with a floor plan and mood, we are able to create a solution to any space.

  "I love seeing people become inspired in a space that keeps them wondering and in the moment" - Julie Schwartzenberger. “I truly believe our environment has an effect on us; when our surroundings are bold and uncluttered, it allows the mind to be as well”, says Julie.

We focus on process, not giving up until the finished product is perfect; staying on top of the schedule and being prepared for change. At the heart of interior design we have to analyze and solve problems by organized thinking and imagination all at once, and that is exactly what Edge and Lines does best. 




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