Steps in the design process

Existing Conditions

1. Once we have received a signed contract and decided to move forward on this project together, our team will review the design plans, do a site visit to double check interior measurements and analyze the layout and circulation. Then, we will walk back through your home to review specifics and develop programming in each area.

Schematic Design & Design Concept

2. Proper space planning is crucial to a well-designed and functional space. After all the measurements have been verified, we will develop a floor plan for the space. Floor plans allow us to determine what will best fit into the space and the best circulation. While we are working on a floor plan, we also begin developing a concept board that communicates the look and feel of your new space.

Design Development

4. In this step drawings, samples and concept images are solidified. Quotes and pricing are researched. Your needs, and budget are all considered in every product and design element we present to you. We will source furniture, fixtures and materials. Develop specific selections of plumbing fixtures, flooring materials, counter top material, tile patterns, appliances, lighting fixtures, and accent lighting. Aesthetic treatments such as moldings, door selections and wood details will be incorporated; furniture and built-in work may be designed as needed. A lighting concept will be developed, and hardware details will be selected. This portion of the design process requires a fair amount of communication and intermediate meetings to discuss certain areas and elements of the design. Creation of the design concept is a complex process and generally requires a few weeks, depending on the scope of your project.

Construction Documents

5. First, a bid set will be created to present to general contractors to assist with accurate bidding. Once you have a general contractor and a tentative schedule we will prepare any other requested construction documents on our end. This is our way of communicating with the general contractor and will consist of, but is not limited to; a furniture plan, lighting plan, elevations, sections and details of any necessary features or built-in work. Signed and sealed construction documents are outside of our scope and will be an additional fee from a structural engineer, architect and/or a general contractor . We will implement any changes necessary from the architect and/or building department in our design.

Construction Administration

6. There will be times when we may choose or may be requested to be on site when certain aspects of work are being completed to ensure the design is executed properly.