Boutique Spaces

Boutique Spaces are very complex, and we enjoy the challenge. We have to keep in mind the client and what they are trying to convey, the brand and what its core values are, and the best space planning and circulation for this type of small business. A poorly designed space can be detrimental to any small business. Your customer or client is going to walk into your space and remember how it made them feel. They might not analyze all the small details we would as the designers, but how these details come together has an effect on your customer, and your brand.


Design and Documentation: 3-4 months

This time frame includes our 4 phases of design and documentation, as well as the time necessary for architects and /or engineers to complete their work on your project. Our 4 phases of design and documentation are Existing Conditions, Schematic Design, Design Development, and Construction Documents. See Service Overview for a summary of the design process.


The construction time for a boutique office space or boutique hotel can vary greatly according to the scope and size, and complexity of your project. The general contractor that you hire to build your project is responsible for the schedule and timeline of your project.