Additions and Renovations

It is important to have an Interior Designer on board early when considering adding on to your home or tackling a major renovation. A poorly designed addition or renovation can actually devalue your home. We are able to add value by focusing on the flow and circulation of your home, and keeping a connection to natural light and the outdoors. For additions, our design process focuses on not only adding the additional square footage you may need, but using that addition to connect to the outdoors, highlight views, and improve the curb appeal or appearance while maintaining a functional interior flow and access to natural light. However, adding more square footage isn’t always the answer. A new functionality and invigorating space can be created within your current home with a bit of reinvestment and design savvy. So, if you are looking to stay in the home where you have made memories with friends and loved ones, and your favorite coffee shop is just down the street, we've got you.


Design and Documentation: 3-4 months

This time frame includes our 4 phases of design and documentation. Our 4 phases of design and documentation are Existing Conditions, Schematic Design, Design Development, and Construction Documents. See Service Overview for a summary of the design process.

Construction: 4-8 months

Construction typically takes 4-8 months for an addition or renovation, but can take more time based on the size and complexity of the project. The general contractor that you hire to build your project is responsible for the schedule and timeline of your project, but estimating 4-8 months for construction is a good starting point.